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Three case studies below from M Barnwell Services illustrate the challenges and the solutions provided

Phosphate Processor Pump Inlet and Discharge Flanges

The Challenge
At a Phosphate processor, glass-filled PTFE flange surfaces were previously filled with epoxy. This
was deemed unacceptable by maintenance when assessing the surfaces, leading to plant personnel
deciding to discontinue the use of epoxy, and being in need of suitable gaskets.
The Solution
We provided the Phosphate processor with 8” ring gaskets, completing the installation without special
handling using the plant’s standard practices.
The Result
Surface conditions vastly improved through the use of gaskets we provided.

Customer Quote
‘’Installation of 8” ring gaskets was complete without special handling using the plant’s standard practices.”

On-Site Success

The Challenge
To provide expert industry knowledge and quality product inventory for a Blue Chip Construction company.
The Solution
To accompany the project manager and foreman on an on-site appointment to establish fluid
sealing product needs for all earth moving and construction equipment, pumps and engineering
and MRO applications.
Products and replacement parts recommended by the experienced M Barnwell Services engineer were then sent to the construction site as well as the companies storage warehouse
The Result
The company’s downtime decreased, money was saved and the ‘headache’ of buying from multiple
suppliers removed.

Customer Quote
‘’The headache of buying from multiple suppliers has been removed plus we save money!’’

Sampling Perfection

The Challenge
To provide an Earth Moving & Construction customer with a replacement fluid sealing product that is machine specific and the only reference to it, is a broken sample.
The Solution
The customer dropped a sample into one of our UK branches. The sample was then passed to our in
house Inspection & Quality team who examined and tested it.
The Result
Within one working day, the Inspection & Quality team were able to identify the correctly mechanical seal and more importantly offered a replacement part to the customer from stock.
This allowed the customer to reduce their downtime, identify the part and reorder in case the situation occurs again.

Customer Quote
‘’Thank you for turning this around within the very short time scale.’’

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