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All of our courses carry CPD accreditation and the following information and links should help with choosing the right training for you.

We offer two E-learning courses, “The introduction to Pumping Technology” is aimed at those new to pumping or those with very little knowledge of pumps and is our basic level entry course, students usually complete this course within four weeks, individual tests after each chapter allows you to see your progress and assess your level of understanding. Once completed you will take the final test and this will give you your final mark.

“The Essentials of Pumping Technology” course follows a similar format but is aimed at those students who have a much greater knowledge of pumps, their types, usage, capabilities etc, and will take on average several months to complete

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As an ideal, a candidate would follow this training route:-

• Introduction to Pumping Technology - E-Learning

• Pump Fundamentals - one-day Classroom-based course, which builds on the knowledge gained from the introduction course and concentrates on the more technical aspects of Pump Technology

Then take any one of the following one-day courses to best suit your job role or function within your company

• Pump Selection
• Pump Testing
• Pump Systems

• Introduction to Hydraulic design Principles of centrifugal Pumps – this is a specific course aimed at those whose job role or function specialises in the design, use or manufacture of Hydraulic pumps or systems and is run when less frequently than other courses.

Anyone who has undertaken any of the above courses and has a strong pump background and knowledge and experience would then look to take

• The Essentials of Pumping Technology - E-Learning

Finally, there is

• The Certified Pump Systems Auditor Course (CPSA) –is a 4-day residential course, designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to conduct a full Pumping System Audit.

Following the course, attendees will be able to show clients where savings can be made making their complete system and not just the pump, more energy-efficient.

They will gain a clear understanding of the guidance given in the ISO 14414 Pump System Energy Assessment.

Please click on the link below to download the training guide

Training Guide

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