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EBARA Pumps has launched a new generation inverter, the E-SPD+, to offer customers improved energy saving, enhanced acoustic comfort, and better handling of pressure variations.
The E-SPD+ can be installed on the motor terminal board, used with horizontal and vertical EBARA centrifugal pumps, and mounted on motors from MEC 71 to MEC 132.

The inverters include two RS485 ports for communication and parallel operation of up to eight pumps and connecting to monitoring systems with a ModBus connection. The versatility of this solution enables it to be applied to different types of system, and it can be used for a range of applications, including water supply, water distribution, pressurisation, irrigation systems, water treatment, filtering and reverse osmosis, industrial cooling or heating systems and fountains.

The new generation air-cooled inverter is available in four models suitable for 230 and 400V three-phase pumps with up to 11kW nominal power. Using an optional wall installation kit, the E-SPD+ can also be combined with submerged pumps.

An innovative LCD display, which can be rotated 180° for easier reading, allows for easy viewing and changing of operating parameters and for keeping track of the history of key parameters, faults and alarms.

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