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Frame mounted compressors with integrated generator from Atlas Copco help J. Murphy & Sons improve efficiency in foundation engineering


Constructor J. Murphy & Sons Limited used compressors for vital piling work but was forced to rely on a crane to move the mobile units on and off the site. To eliminate this inefficient practice and speed up operation, the company turned to its long-term supplier Atlas Copco for an integrated solution of frame mounted compressors with an inbuilt generator.

J. Murphy and Sons is a global construction and engineering company dedicated to improving lives by delivering world-class infrastructure. Headquartered in London, it is active across Britain, Ireland, and Canada, employing over 3500 people. Like many companies of its size, J. Murphy & Sons is constantly reviewing its operations to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. One activity with room for improvement was the use of compressors in piling, during foundation engineering. The company used compressed air to clean residual concrete from the pipes on piling rigs. Unfortunately, as the ground at most construction locations is rough and uneven, this meant that the only way to move them on and off the site was by a crane. The process was time-consuming, inefficient and delayed the construction process.

To eliminate the need to have a crane on site, Atlas Copco provided J. Murphy & Sons with six of its rugged and lightweight XAS 88 frame mounted compressors, which feature an inbuilt 9kVA generator. With a small footprint and weighing under 750 kilos – over 150 kilos less than competing models, Murphy & Sons have the integrated solution that they need on their rigs to increase their efficiency. Atlas Copco’s frame mounted compressors with integrated generator can be easily mounted on any construction vehicle, eliminating the need of using a crane on site to transport them.

In addition, the compressors were also able to meet the company’s requirements for use in piling rigs. They provided the 7 bar pressure and 175 cfm flow needed to propel an appropriately sized foam ball down the pipe for a length of up to 80 meters, while their best-in-class efficiency and fuel economy of ensured a cost-efficiency of the operation.

In addition to improving mobility, the XAS 88 compressors offered a range of other benefits to help J. Murphy & Sons further improve operations and protect their investment. The compressors only require servicing once every two years, on average, and the guaranteed 60-minute service time ensures that the process is quick and efficient. They feature a 110% spillage-free frame, single sheet steel, non-welded undercarriage construction, and a three-layer (C3 certified) anti-corrosion paint system. A HardHat® hinged canopy provides additional protection and gives operators easy access to the service ports. The canopies were painted with a custom color, in dark green, to ensure the compressors fit in with the fleet and complemented the company’s strong brand image.

Finally, while the XAS 88 units were initially only brought in for compression purposes, J. Murphy & Sons were quick to leverage their full potential, putting the inbuilt 9kVA generators into good use. They are now used to power the lights in the tool cabins that accompany the piling rig. The generators have also proved useful as a portable power source for many of the handheld grinders and small welders used at the site.

“Atlas Copco’s XAS 88 with integrated generator is the compressor that fits our needs. The powerful and efficient compressor is mounted on our vehicles while the integrated generator provides the power supply for various smaller applications on site,” said Denis Merrigan, Plant Manager at J. Murphy & Sons plant depot at Hemel Hempstead. “We have worked with Atlas Copco for many years, and we know we can trust them to provide us with equipment that delivers the reliability and performance we need. We are a global company, but wherever we operate, the local Atlas Copco network is always available to help us out.”

Nick Anwyl, Area Sales Manager, Atlas Copco, said: “We are excited that our compact XAS 88 compressors are boosting the productivity of our customer. We have a long relationship with J. Murphy & Sons, and it is great to see how our tools help them drive new levels of efficiency and productivity across operations.”

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