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Two new breakers extend the benefits of Atlas Copco’s advanced RTEX pneumatic breaker range


Atlas Copco has added two new models to its innovative RTEX pneumatic breaker range: the RTEX 15, which weighs just 17kg and a variant of RTEX 25 that enables working with a shorter chisel. RTEX breakers are known for its reduced air consumption up to 50% compared to the conventional breakers, thanks to innovative constant pressure chamber technology, and this means users can power two RTEX breakers with a small air compressor. RTEX breakers are designed to be lighter with increased energy output compared to a conventional breaker and having low vibration exposure level, these features combine to help operators increase their productivity.

The RTEX 15 is an advanced breaker that covers the entire functionality of 15-25kg light pneumatic breakers TEX 150PE & TEX 190PE. The air consumption of RTEX 15 is reduced from 26 l/s to 15.4 l/s and has a weight reduction of 25% compared to heaviest in class. RTEX 25 is a powerful breaker that can replace functionality of medium breakers between 25 – 37 kg TEX 230PE, TEX 280PE, TEX 33PE and TEX P60S. The air consumption in RTEX 25 is reduced from 36 l/s to 18 l/s. RTEX 25 has weight reduction of up to 30% compared to heaviest in the class. More variants are planned for the future.

RTEX breakers are used with the construction for demolition and fragmentation of concretes, road repair and patch works. They are employed on civil construction sites by civil contractors as well as equipment rental companies.

The RTEX pneumatic breakers lowers the capital employed, thanks to its innovation – constant pressure chamber technology, customers can now operate two RTEX breakers with a smaller compressor. Atlas Copco’s small air compressor, XAS 48 can now power two RTEX 25 compressors compared a XAS 58 required to operate two TEX 33PE for a same energy output. RTEX 25 has the same breaking capacity of a conventional 37kg conventional breaker, despite their 30% weight reduction. These advantages, together with the lower hand arm vibration exposure level, add up to record-breaking high levels of efficiency and uninterrupted productivity.


“The best thing about RTEX breakers is that they pay for themselves. The fact that you need a compressor only half the size, or can use two breakers instead of one from the same energy source gives instant payback. It is ergonomic and saves both money and the environment.” comments Hendrik Timmermans, VP marketing Portable Air Division.

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