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WEG presents cost-effective ATEX geared motors in WG20 series



WG20 geared motors available with energy efficiency class up to IE3 and certified explosion-proof for zones 2 and 22
WEG, a leading worldwide vendor of drive technology, unveiled new ATEX certified geared motors in the WG20 series with output power from 0,12 to 30 kW and energy efficiency class up to IE3 at this year’s ACHEMA trade fair. The geared motors are certified in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU as explosion-proof for zone 2 (gas; groups IIA, IIB and IIC) or zone 22 (dust; groups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC).

“With this ATEX certification, we can now offer WG20 geared motors for applications in explosion hazard areas, such as oil and gas, chemical or food industry”, comments René Binder, Sales Manager of WEG subsidiary Watt Drive. “The geared motors are compact and available with energy efficiency ratings up to IE3, making them very cost-effective. Investments in energy-efficient drives generally have relatively short payback times.”

Explosion-proof WG20 geared motors are presently available with rated output power from 120 W to 30 kW. They are designed for voltages up to 690 V, in frame sizes from IEC 63 to IEC 200. With the ongoing expansion of the WG20 series of geared motors to 18,000 Nm, explosion-proof geared motors for the entire power range up to 75 kW will be available in the near future. All these ATEX geared motors can be built with protection rating up to IP66 and are suitable for an ambient temperature range of -20 to +40°C. Another significant advantage is that the motors can also be operated with variable speed drives, subject to compliance with the specified driver parameters. The range of accessory modules, such as explosion-proof brakes and encoders, is constantly expanding.

With the ATEX certified motors, WEG offers an extensive portfolio of products. Previously, explosion-proof geared motors were produced in the WEG Group by fitting IEC adapters and installing flange-mount motors (IEC B5) on the adapters. Now the motors are mounted directly. That creates technical advantages and eliminates the need for an adapter. Along with improving efficiency, it makes the geared motors physically shorter, saving valuable space. Along with explosion-proof geared motors, Watt Drive also modifies WEG IEC standard motors (design B3, B5 and B14) for use in ATEX zones 2 and 22. For customers a major advantage is significantly shorter delivery times, because the motors are always available in stock and can quickly be adapted for deployment in the relevant ATEX zone when an order is received.

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