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British Autogard Ltd ( Regal Rexnord)

2 Wilkinson Road
Love Lane Ind. Estate
G17 1YT

Tel: 07884 091 307
Fax: 01285 659476
Email: james.pritchard@regalrexnord.com
Website: https://www.regalrexnord.com/contact

Who we are;
Regal Rexnord® offer a wide-ranging product portfolio of expertly engineered components and systems including Couplings, Bearings, Motors, Gears, Chain and more, with many historic brands making up this extensive product offering. We keep industry moving with products and services that enhance the reliability of equipment supporting key industries, including food, beverage & liquid, automotive, energy, and mining.

The Regal Rexnord® coupling products range from Torsional soft, gear, grid, jaw, elastomer, disc, and universal joints, as well as almost every conceivable engineered or made-to-order and high performance coupling you may require.

CENTA has been engaging in solving complex drive train and torsional vibration challenges with Elastomeric couplings coupling solutions  since 1970, becoming part of Rexnord, now Regal Rexnord®,  in 2018.

Due to its numerous innovations, CENTA today ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible couplings and drive shafts for industry, marine and rail applications as well as for power generation.

What we do;
As a global leader in premium couplings,  Regal Rexnord® provides high quality customer solutions and services. We design, manufacture, market and service specified, highly engineered mechanical components worldwide used within complex systems where our customers' reliability requirements and the cost of failure or downtime are extremely high.

Regal Rexnord® not only offers the most extensive breadth of product available in the industry, but we can also custom design and engineer for specific applications. Our experienced engineers can troubleshoot even the most problematic applications to find coupling solutions.

Centa provide a range of flexible couplings to meet the demands of modern engineering challenges with reliable and technically sophisticated flexible coupling solutions.

Our Brands;
Centa, Falk, Euroflex, Thomas XTSR, Jaure, Kop-Flex, Rexnord, Browning, Rollway, McGill, SealMaster, Durst, Morse, Rotor and more.

A little History;
Rexnord acquired CENTA Power Transmission in 2018, joining the industry leader in premium coupling manufacture and design. Regal Rexnord Corporation announced that it had completed the merger of Regal Beloit Corporation with Rexnord Corporation's Process & Motion Control Business ("PMC") closing the deal that was signed on February 15, 2021. October 4th 2021 marked the historic day Regal Rexnord® became the new operational organisation, listed as RRX on the NYSE. CENTA is operated in the UK through our British Autogard Ltd company, a legacy Regal Rexnord® business.

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