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SFA Saniflo UK Ltd.

Unit 1,
Watford Interchange,
Colonial Way,
WD24 4WP

Tel: 020 8842 0033
Fax: 020 8842 1671
Email: marketing@saniflo.co.uk
Website: https://www.saniflo.co.uk/

Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001
Trade Names:
Saniflo, Zehnder

In 1958 SFA group invented the macerator; an ingenious product that has revolutionised interior design throughout the world, by enabling extra facilities to be installed when gravity drainage isn’t feasible. 

Our technological advances mean we have strived to improve our offer both to homes and commercial properties as well as manufacturing industries. SFA is established in over 27 countries on 5 continents, not only providing products but also trained professionals to help install and maintain our products worldwide.

Our UK company, Saniflo Ltd, has been operating since 1979 and the Saniflo name is a brand leader in the domestic macerator and pumps market.

Our growth in the sector was boosted in 2019 by the acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen, who were already a global player in the lifting stations market. Our product ranges include both free-standing and underground lifting stations, single and three phase solutions, one or two motor options as well as submersible pumps and macerators for all types of grey, black and rainwater waste.

So whether it is extra facilities in a loft, a basement, an outdoor office, or a commercial space or whether you have a manufacturing operation that requires the removal of water or waste, there is usually a Saniflo or Zehnder product that can do the job!

Now SFA group has an even stronger market position and even more pumps and lifting stations in our range to bring you the product that is right for your project.

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