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Hayward Tyler

1 Kimpton Road

Tel: +44 (0)1582 436966
Email: Evgeny.Polyakov@haywardtyler.com
Website: https://haywardtyler.com/

£25m worldwide £1m UK
Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001
Trade Names:
Datahawk, hayward tyler, Sumo

Centre of Excellence for Motor Manufacture

Hayward Tyler design, manufacture, and service performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding of applications for the global energy and chemical industries, as both an OEM supplier and trusted service partner. We have facilities in the UK, USA, China and India as well as a network of global service partners.

Our focus on precision and lean manufacturing makes us the preferred supplier of pumps and motors for offshore platforms, power plants and industrial operations, and particularly in key applications that involve high pressure, high temperature and difficult to handle fluids.

We are proud of our reputation for supplying products with proven reliability and long-term durability and high MTBM. Our fluid-filled motors and pumps perform in a variety of challenging applications in industrial environments such as oil and gas, fossil fuel power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical processing facilities, and renewable energy.

All our pumps and motors are designed to give our customers a competitive advantage with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership, and we continue to invest in innovation to ensure they remain the best available.

Products supplied: submersible, subsea, boiler circulation pumps, canned motor pumps and a wide range of other centrifugal pumps.

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