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Reflex Winkelmann GMBH

3000 Aviator Way
Manchester Business Park
M22 5TG

Tel: 0161 266 1043
Email: tim.williams@reflexuk.co.uk
Website: https://www.reflex.de/en/

Quality Assurance:

The Company

Reflex Winkelmann GmbH with its headquarters in Ahlen, Westphalia is part of the “Winkelmann Building + Industry” division of the Winkelmann Group, which employs more than 4,500 people worldwide – 1,500 of which work at Reflex. Norbert Hülsmann and Volker Mauel are the managing directors of Reflex Winkelmann GmbH. The company is a leading brand manufacturer and solutions provider of high-quality systems for the smooth operation of water-carrying systems in supply technology and modern HVACR. With the integration of Sinusverteiler, it was possible to integrate additional competence in 2014, providing a meaningful addition to the product portfolio.

Solution-oriented mission statement

Reflex’s range focuses on solutions that emphasise the synergies of Reflex’s product divisions. “Thinking solutions” intensifies the brand profile and emphasises the entire approach, which goes beyond products and underpins competence in the systematic design of systems. Complete interlocked solutions are offered and combined into efficiencies by accompanying services which offer outstanding benefit dimensions in the competitive environment. In terms of innovative strength, the corporate division under the strong umbrella of the Winkelmann Group benefits from the dynamic automotive business, among others.

The Reflex range of services

Reflex stands for a wide range of services, including both innovative products for heating, cooling and hot water supply and many services.

The Reflex product range includes

  • Membrane expansion vessels
  • Pressure-maintaining stations
  • Water make-up systems & water treatment
  • Degassing systems & separation technology
  • Hot water storage tanks & heat exchangers
  • Highly-individual manifold technology

The Reflex services are

  • Consultation
  • Tender preparation
  • Planning support from the project planning, to supervision of the project, commissioning and maintenance
  • Certified on-site customer service and technical hotline
  • Technical seminars and training

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