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Lafert Electric Motors Ltd

Unit 17, Orion Park
Orion Way

Tel: 01270 270022
Fax: 01270 270023
Email: lafertuk@lafert.com
Website: http://www.lafert.com

Quality Assurance:

Engineered specifically for your pumping applications, Lafert’s motors can help ensure ideal solutions. These can combine optimum mechanical/electrical configurations, increased performance, reduced weight/size plus compatibility with IE4/IE5 efficiency requirements to give your designs built-in future-proofing.

Lafert manufactures over 3000 motors a day and more than 95% are customised or special in some way. You can therefore be confident of our ability to satisfy your application needs.

Special shafts, flanges, mountings and electrical windings are amongst our ‘standard’ offerings for our motor ranges. This includes our single and three phase IE1, IE2 and IE3 painted aluminium motors, brake motors and our HPS/HPI permanent magnet IE4 and IE5 compatible motors.

Lafert’s HP motors, in addition to offering long-term efficiency compliance, provide significant motor size and weight reduction benefits – up to 50% - over standard similarly rated units, and deliver between 3 to 4 times the power output of existing similar frame size motors.

Ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical and other hygiene-sensitive applications are the company’s ‘Marlin’ stainless steel motors. These are IP66 hose-down tolerant motors and have smooth bodies with no crevices to act as catchment areas for residual product or any other contamination material. Marlin motors are also available as IE3 units in sizes up to 15kW.

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