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CELEROS FT - ClydeUnion Pumps

149 Newlands Road
G44 4EX

Tel: 0141 637 7141
Fax: N/A
Email: cu.glasgow@celerosft.com
Website: https://celerosft.com/clydeunion-pumps

Quality Assurance:
EN ISO 50001:2011, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 9001:2015
HAF 604, ASME N, NS & NPT Certification; Achilles JQS Certification; Achilles UVDB; First Point Assessment.
Trade Names:
Aquaglide, CP System, CUP-BB1, CUP-BB2, CUP-BB2, CUP-BB3, CUP-BB5HP, CUP-BB5V, CUP-CEP, CUP-CVP, CUP-CW, CUP-CW, CUP-FK, CUP-FT, CUP-FT/FK, CUP-FWP, CUP-OH2, CUP-OH3, CUP-OH4, CUP-OH5, CUP-TWL, CUP-TWL, CUP-VS4, CUP-VSM, DB62C, Duoglide, HPRO, HSP, IMO, Isoglide, MUTUP, Reciprocating Power (Various), SBWM, Specialist Nuclear Products, Swallowglide, Ulectriglide, Uniglide, VCM, VS1, VS6

Celeros Flow Technology's ClydeUnion Pumps brand is known worldwide for supplying reliable and robust engineered pumping solutions stemming from over 140 years of industry expertise.

As a leading pump company, we cover every aspect of the product cycle - from initial design and advice on process improvements, through manufacture and installation, to maintenance, refurbishment, upgrading, and decommissioning.

Our experience spans several complex industries including oil and gas, nuclear and conventional power generation, energy transition, desalination, and other key markets relevant to our product portfolio. We also play an instrumental role in securing the vital energy and water resources that a sustainable society will rely on in the future.

Our product range includes:

·       Centrifugal Pumps
   o   Between Bearings
   o   Overhung Pumps
   o   Vertical Pumps
·       Reciprocating Pumps
·       Submersible Pumps
·       Screw Pumps
·       Vane Pumps
·       Specialised Pumps

The ClydeUnion Pumps product range compliments Celeros Flow Technology’s portfolio of brands which includes, Copes Vulcan, GD Engineering, M&J Valve, Plenty and S&N Pumps.

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