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KSB Limited

2 Cotton Way
LE11 5TF

Tel: +44 (0) 1509 231 872
Fax: +44 (0) 1509 215 228
Email: sales@ksb.com
Website: www.ksb.co.uk

Quality Assurance:
BS ISO 9001:2008,BS ISO 14001:2004
BS ISO 14001:2004 OHAS 18001:2007
Trade Names:
Ama Drainer, Ama Porter, Ama Porter ICS, Amajet, Amarex KRT, Amarex N, Amtronic, BFP - Boiler Feed Water Pump, Boax B, Boostermat, Calio, CK Pump Station, Danais, Delta Basic, Delta Booster Sets, Etabloc, Etaline, Etaline L, Etanorm, Floorpress, Hya Solo, Hya-Rain, Hyamat, Isoria, KSB Guard, Magnochem, Mega CPK, MidiDelta, MiniFlexx, Movitec, Multi Eco, Multitec, Omega, Pump Drive, Pump Meter, Rio, Rio Eco, Riotec, Riotherm, RPH, Sewatec, Smedegaard EcoFlexx, Smedegaard EV, Smedegaard Exeflexx Booster Set, Smedegaard HIL, Smedegaard Magneta, Smedegaard Midiflexx, Smedegaard Omega, Smedegaard Pumps, Swing Amajet, Vitacast, Vitachrom, Vitalobe, Vitaprime, Vitastage, Wallpress

Established in Germany in 1871, KSB has over 150 years experience of manufacturing pumps, valves and automation and is recognised as a world leader. KSB is one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world with an unrivalled product portfolio. In addition to manufacturing pumps, KSB is well known for producing valves and automation equipment. With activities in many different industries (Water, wastewater, energy, building services, process, oil & gas, food and beverage), KSB currently has 34 manufacturing sites globally.

At KSB Ltd in the UK, specialized sales staff take care of customer’s needs, while full aftersales support is offered, including repair, maintenance, installation, testing and commissioning.

KSB strives to continually improve the product range offered and invests 2% of current turnover (Over €2 billion) back into R&D.

Recently, KSB invested in one of the largest, most advanced pump test facilities in the world at the factory in Halle, Germany, capable of testing pumps up to 10MW, with a maximum flow of 18,000m3/hr and heads up to 640m.

 Long established relationships with many customers bear testament to the brands reputation for quality and reliability, making KSB a trusted partner with a long history of supplying equipment throughout the world.


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