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Viking Pump Hygienic Ltd

Highfield Ind. Estate
Edison Road
East Sussex
BN23 6PT

Tel: 01323 509 211
Fax: 01323 507 306
Email: wright.eu@idexcorp.com
Website: https://www.vikingpump.com/

£5m - £10m
Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001ISO 14001

Viking Pump, a Unit of IDEX Corporation, leads the world in the design and manufacture of rotary Positive Displacement Pumps for use in some of the toughest applications. Since 1911, our innovative products have been key contributors to successful operations in virtually every industry—from military, to food and beverage, to chemicals, fuels and plastics—reliably pumping materials that are thin, thick, hot, cold, liquid, solid, etc.

We offer a wide range of pump models, sizes and composition, as well as customized, fit for purpose options, to meet your strictest requirements. But, it’s not just about selecting a pump from the catalog. To provide the highest quality results and ensure the right pump for the right application, our specialized Engineering team applies its accumulated knowledgebase and expertise to perform:

  • Site-specific problem-solving
  • Full product testing (performance, hydro, pneumatic, NPSHr, sound, and vibration)
  • Further testing, upon request (magnetic particle, dye penetrant, traceability, and positive material identification)
  • Liquid sample analysis (rheology testing and elastomeric compatibility)
  • Quality control of all finished products

Our newly expanded lab and 3-D printing capabilities streamline our testing and new product development practices, allowing for faster and more efficient solutions and testing.

In 2020, Viking Pump joined forces with a fellow IDEX business unit Wright Flow Technologies and began selling a leading hygienic line of products produced by Wright Flow Technologies. This broad line combines local engineering and global distribution with 40 plus years of market expertise and solutions for hygienic applications. The expansion of offering rotary lobe, circumferential piston and centrifugal pumps rounds out a range of product solutions to meet customer’s needs.

Furthermore, we have an outstanding network of “local” stocking distributors around the world who are standing by to assist you. Their team members are trained by our engineers to provide the technical, service and sales support you need. They also have specialized application engineers to help with your particular situation. It’s easy and efficient to contact these authorized distributors directly with confidence in knowing we have shared our 100+ years of experience with them.

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