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Brook Crompton

St Thomas' Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: +44 (0) 1484 557200
Fax: +44 (0) 1484 557201
Email: sales@brookcrompton.com
Website: http://www.brookcrompton.com

Quality Assurance:
BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Trade Names:
ARGUS 55, Fumex, T, VSM, W, WP

Brook Crompton currently supply motors to the pump industry, and have done for over 120 years. The comprehensive range of motors L.V, M.V and H.V are especially suited to a diverse range of applications:

• Food industry pumps (subject to hosing down)

• Slurry pumps with suspended solids (e.g. china clay)

• Crude Oil Distribution (a severe duty at high pressures)

• Boiler feeds

• Chemical process pumps

• Pumps storage energy systems

• Mine pumps to prevent flooding

• Circulating cooling water condensers in power stations

• Sewerage, storm water pumps (often vertical)

• Bore hole submersible pumps.

The motor business has evolved alongside the pumps industry, and custom solutions have become industry specifications or requirements. Typical of these are EEMUA, Shell, Aramco, & Lloyds. All Brook Crompton motors are manufactured in ISO9001 assured factories.

The comprehensive range includes single, three phase; safe area, hazardous area; totally enclosed and explosion proof enclosures; cast iron or aluminium construction, and special bespoke motors, e.g. stator rotor units.

Brook Crompton motors comply with the latest harmonised standards (IEC 60034-30) with IE3 and IE4 motors available from stock. Brook Crompton, a Wolong Group Company has worldwide manufacturing facilities and sales offices.

Brook Crompton supply WIMES specification motors for the water industry, which are available in IE3 and IE4 and IE5 efficiency levels.

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