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BPMA Technical Meeting 24 October2018


  • S Schofield reported that since the last Technical Committee meeting there had been many important meetings either arranged or attended by the BPMA members or staff.
    • Euris mtgs 24th July, 29th August, 3rd & 24th Sept  2018 ( Brexit)
    • AEMT meeting 2nd August 2018
    • Buy with Confidence mtg 14th August 2018
    • New DOE Assessment Tool Webinar – 30th August
    • Europump Joint Working Group Mtg 4- 5th September 2018
    • Euris European Summit 11th -12th September 2018 (Brexit)
    • CEN TC 197 wg 1 Mtgs 11- 12th September 2018
    • Drinking Water Stakeholder Group mtg 14th September 2018
    •  Lot 28 sewage pump mtgs 18th -19th September 2018
    • Europump Standards Commission mtg 3rd October 2018
    • Europump Technical Commission mtg 4th October 2018
    • BSI Brexit Trade & Standards event 10th October 2018
  • S Schofield informed the group that the majority of the items would be discussed/covered later in the agenda; however, information was given on the following;...

Above is an extract taken from the minutes

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Next meeting was scheduled for 14th February 2019

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