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Mining solutions specialist, Weir Minerals has launched Synertrex IntelliWear – a new digital wear monitoring system for spools and hoses in slurry pipelines. Developed by the Weir Minerals digital specialists in Chile, the intelligent system addresses the increasing demand for optimisation and safety within the mining industry.

The solution enables mine sites to monitor the condition and wear performance of their hoses and spools via a network of smart sensors connected to their DCS (Digital Control System).
The Synertrex IntelliWear monitoring system allows pipeline operators to check their equipment in the critical wear areas and perform predictive maintenance before any unplanned disruptions and downtime – leading to reduced costs of operation and maintenance. Most importantly, safety on site is increased, as spools and hoses are replaced prior to failure, thus removing the risk of slurry leakage, which can cause injury to workers on site and to the environment.

The system is comprised of an intelligent digital sensor integrated into Weir Minerals’ Linatex and Vulco hoses and spools. A conductive wire is installed in the rubber lining at various levels of thickness. The conductive wire is installed along the entire Linatex or Vulco spool or hose throughout its diameter and as the lining wears, it activates sensors to indicate the extent to which the rubber liner has been worn and, in turn, how much life is left.

A central control panel captures the information, and a dashboard allows for visualisation and analysis of the equipment data via the Synertrex digital platform. An easy-to-use digital traffic light system enables quick visual identification of the condition of the hose or spool. Less than 50% wear is green, between 50% and 70% wear is yellow, and greater than 75% wear is red – indicating that it is time for preventative maintenance. Digitalisation enables customers to continue their normal operational duties while large amounts of data can be automatically analysed and interpreted in the background via the Synertrex platform.

Information collected by the platform can also be uploaded to the cloud to be viewed on a live dashboard which is automatically updated every two minutes. The intelligent system enables operators to view real-time wear information from any device remotely – ensuring continual monitoring and better control over equipment. This control allows for optimisation, improved performance and the elimination of unwanted operating conditions.

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