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A Vertical Pump Runs Dry for Hours


You must always plan for the unexpected, and that includes an inevitable human error. An operator of a light hydrocarbon service pump, operating at about 60-120° F, shut off the suction valve but forgot to turn off the pump, With no fluid in the pump, the vertical pump ran dry for several hours, until he returned, realized his error, and shut off the pump.

When they disassembled the pump, the shaft had some minor scorch marks (no scoring) and the customer said they only needed to polish it, and not replace it. They were pleasantly surprised at how the Graphalloy bushings protected the rotating parts and the bushings were only slightly worn.
Graphalloy Results

The only repair needed was to replace the Graphalloy Babbitt-grade bushings (intermediate bowl) in the pump. Graphalloy saved the shaft, as can be seen in the pictures. The pump is now back in service and the customer was thankful that Graphalloy saved the rotating parts from potentially catastrophic damage, which saved a lot of money.


Even without human error, other situations can cause flashing or dry running, especially in light hydrocarbon pumps. Graphalloy wear parts protect the pumps in these situations as well as in other extreme conditions, due to their non-galling and self-lubricating features.


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