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Eastern Seals UK Ltd together with its sister company UK Seals Ltd have always been committed to the safety and well-being of staff, suppliers and of course customers across the globe.

However, throughout these most challenging of times, brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, both companies are particularly proud of how staff and colleagues have adapted and responded to ensure the work carried out by customers, many of whom operate within what have been classed as ‘key sectors’, remains uninterrupted.

As a major supplier of sealing products destined for use in a wide range of machinery & equipment within the medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and transport sectors, these products help keep vital production lines running and end-use equipment, including life-saving mechanical ventilators, being produced.

With a comprehensive range of O-Rings available from a £1.25M stockholding, including FEP Encapsulated O-Rings, Spring O-Rings and O-Ring Cord, the teams at both companies have not only been able to satisfy the needs of existing customers, but have also been able to bridge the gap during unexpected supply chain issues in other areas, and help maintain critical time lines.

Other sealing products available include Back-up Rings, Bonded Seals, X-Rings, V-Rings, Oil Seals and Bespoke Rubber Mouldings.

Managing and maintaining supply chains through the manufacturing process has never been more important, so if you need help with your sealing requirements during these COVID induced times, or indeed once we have navigated our way through them, be sure to contact Eastern Seals or UK Seals.




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