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Getting the balance right


Maintaining the correct pH balance at their lumpfish hatchery is very important to Dorset Cleanerfish.  This specialist company nurture these fish through their developmental stages, until they can be shipped to fish farms in Scotland to perform their real role of getting rid of the lice from salmon. 

During the rearing process, it is vital that the water pH levels are accurate and consistent which means that the sites dosing and monitoring system is key. After the site had experienced some problems with the existing system, they approached Grundfos Pumps, as they knew they had a product portfolio that could offer them the precision solution they needed.

Following consultation, Grundfos supplied them with a DID controller, pH probe and DDA dosing pump from their range.  The new set-up was subsequently installed, and the system is now happily running effectively, stably and without any issues.

Getting the balance right is important in any application, so by visiting www.grundfos.co.uk you can find out how a flexible approach, pump expertise and a great product portfolio, will make sure your business is going swimmingly.

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