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Grundfos CR pumps up the pressure



Grundfos Pumps Ltd. are delighted to introduce you to a new range of high-flow CR multistage centrifugal pumps that are replacing the existing CR/N 90, 120 and 150.

Like all our CR pumps, these models have been designed to support our customers under the three important cornerstones that the Grundfos brand is so closely associated with: reliability, efficiency and providing a pump solution that is capable of operating as a standalone or in an integrated system.

From a reliability perspective we have focussed on robustness, from component development right through to how we test and validate every single pump before shipping them out.  

These models will also deliver a significant improvement to their overall pump efficiency – resulting in real and very relevant power savings on these bigger motors. To prove this point, we can offer an interactive Eta/power consumption calculator that will clearly demonstrate these savings.

From an integrated solutions viewpoint these new model pumps will offer the ability to deliver predictive and condition monitoring.  With the IE5 motor range option and the new system approach; that are preconfigured, tested and wired – they are ready to plug & pump.

We believe these changes are moving the boundaries for multistage pump performance and durability and the CR story is one that is continuing to evolve. So, make sure you don’t miss out on all these great developments by visit www.grundfos.co.uk  and signing up to receive our latest newsletters.

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