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Mock Tribunal Event Overview

Through the use of simulated tribunal proceedings, this course gives delegates the opportunity to improve their understanding of how Employment Tribunals work and the confidence to prepare for possible future tribunals.  It is a unique opportunity to see how a Tribunal operates and receive training on how to handle a Tribunal. While a real Tribunal can be a very scary enterprise, this session will allow delegates the chance to pause, question and understand the process and legal arguments.

The objectives of this course are to ensure that delegates are provided with:

1.    A realistic understanding of how an Employment Tribunal is conducted;

2.    A full understanding of how to be as prepared as you can before taking the witness stand.
The course covers a Tribunal case as it would run in real life and is a full day of; Evidence-in-chief of all parties; cross-examination of witnesses; re-examination of witness; closing arguments and delivery of the decision by the Judge.  Witness will be put through their evidence just as if it were a real hearing so that delegates gain a good idea of what actual proceedings are like.

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