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Christmas parties: 10 peace of mind steps for members


Image result for christmas party images in public domainThe annual Christmas party is the highlight of the year for most employees, but it can end in a headache for some employers.

Here are our helpline partner Croner’s 10 top tips for BPMA members, about how to host a stress free Xmas do.

1 Don’t exclude anyone

Some days of the week are sacred to some religions, so make sure your party includes everyone in your workforce.

2. Don’t force people to attend

Too much pressure to join in will have the opposite effect. If it’s kept fun people will come.

3. Catering

Catering must be suitable for vegetarians, vegans, those who don’t drink alcohol and have special dietary requirements.

4. Relax that rule book

Yes, it’s a work’s do but it’s a chance for everyone to have fun and celebrate your business’ successes.

5. Written guidance is necessary

Before the party issue written guidance on personal conduct, such as no aggressive or bullying behaviour, and no harassment. Breaking these rules may result in a disciplinary.

6. A free bar is a no no
It’ll make enforcing rules under point 5 more difficult.

7. Buy a round in

It’s Christmas after all and what better way to say thank you to your employees than buying them a drink.  

8. Assign a designated watcher

Assign a member of the management team who has a clear head to keep a subtle eye, without being a party pooper.

9. Work night expectations

If it’s during the working week make it clear that you expect everyone to be in work the next day. But maybe let them come in a little later, or provide a free breakfast.

10. Don’t drink and drive
Advise employees not to drink and drive at all, and ensure they are fit to drive the following day. Organise a mini bus to help people get home.

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