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Grundfos takes its CAP off to the Product Center


In 1984, Grundfos invented CAPS the first pump calculation programme for commercial use in the world.  For 30 years, the principle remained unchanged and having a single source of reference that allowed someone to make the best pump choice is something Grundfos was aware of the necessity for.  So over the years Grundfos' portfolio continued to be supported, on-line and off-line by their pump selection tools WebCAPS and WinCAPS.

However, after many years of faithful service it became clear that with more up-to-date technology available, a new support system was needed. The Grundfos Product Center (GPC) followed a period of extensive development.  This new selection tool has built on the positive elements from its predecessors as well as incorporating new aspects that makes this a great choice today.  So you can think of the GPC as a great personal assistant for all things Grundfos.

Another plus is that the entire Product Center system is now optimised for viewing on mobile devices, meaning it can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet device.

It is always sad to say goodbye to an old friend, but when you get to really know the GPC, we think you'll find it delivers a real helping hand.

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