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Impact Pumps Ltd

Oxford University Science Park

Tel: 01865 309 692
Fax: 01865 854 801
Email: s.griffiths@impactpumps.com
Website: https://www.impactpumps.com/

Trade Names:
Impact Pump

Impact Pumps Limited is a UK company based in Oxford.  Our flagship product, the Impact Pump SLX-40, is described as “a submersible pump with a difference”. It allows surface pumps to lift water from beyond the suction limit - up to 25 metres, with instantaneous flow rates up to 2000 litres per hour.  

Unlike conventional submersible pumps, the Impact Pump has zero submerged electronics, is tolerant of particulates and does not overheat or seize if run dry. It is designed for a long and reliable life with a 5-year warranty.  

Our main focus is access to water in developing countries and, along with our sister company (Thermofluidics Limited), we have designed and developed a portfolio of technologies and now have a range of water pumping solutions to address a variety of challenges in the Agricultural, Domestic and Community Water sectors globally.

In the rare event that a surface pump needs replacing, this can be done locally in under 2 minutes. Unlike submersibles, this avoids downtime and the costs and delays from urgent trips for spares or repairs. The Impact Pump achieves high operating efficiencies relative to competing alternatives in the market today. 

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