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Saniflo Ltd

Unit 1,
Watford Interchange,
Colonial Way,
WD24 4WP

Tel: 020 8842 0033
Fax: 020 8842 1671
Email: ann.boardman@saniflo.co.uk
Website: https://www.saniflo.co.uk/

Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001
Trade Names:
Saniflo, Zehnder

As a market leader, Saniflo is best known for its range of domestic macerators and pumps that enable extra facilities to be installed when gravity drainage isn’t feasible. Waste is reduced to a liquid form and discharged through small-bore pipework to a soil stack or sewer.

However,  with the acquisition of our German pump company, Zehnder, we now offer a complete range of over 100 industrial specification lifting stations and pumps. This huge range is suitable for bespoke site situations for groundworks projects, large scale commercial developments and civil engineering projects. 

Our History
Saniflo is the original inventor of the macerator; a pump that can take waste water away from toilets, basins, showers and a wide range of other appliances and can be used in a variety of domestic and commercial applications. Constant investment in the range and the introduction of new products ensures that Saniflo offers the best choice whatever the site situation.
The Saniflo macerator was first introduced into the UK over 40 years ago and the company has introduced new and bigger industrial macerators and lifting stations, kitchen and shower pumps, as well as units that remove condensate from boilers, air conditioning or refrigeration units.

Our Products
Saniflo produces a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial macerators and pumps because no two jobs are the same. Ease of installation is a hallmark of every Saniflo product, whilst support comes in the form of the unique network of almost 70 approved Saniflo engineers around the country who are available for advising, servicing, maintenance and aftercare.

Why use Saniflo?
Saniflo is part of the SFA Group and all our products are made at our plants in France and Germany. Our engineering teams design new products to meet the demands of changing market situations and prototypes are tested by official laboratories to ensure their quality and reliability. All our production units have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and we distribute throughout the World.

Whether it is extra facilities in a loft, a basement, an outdoor building, a field, a house or a commercial space there is usually a Saniflo that can handle the job.  There are Saniflo products on multiple floors of the Shard building in consulting rooms for doctors; units pumping away water waste at cabin lodges in holiday parks, lifting stations on oil rigs and building sites, as well as numerous household name cafes, restaurants, hotels and businesses that rely on the Saniflo brand.

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