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Room 8
Top Floor
79-89 Lots Road
SW10 0RN

Tel: 020 7731 7151
Email: mike@idea-business-tracker.co.uk
Website: http://www.idea-business-tracker.co.uk/

IDEA was originally formed to offer to trade associations a service of collecting and publishing their member information thus promoting themselves and the services they offer. This was done in a variety of formats:

Printed directories.
Web sites
Electronic catalogues on CD Rom.
Our aim was always to produce well designed publications which are effective, accurate and excellent value for money. Today, almost all of our work is in printed directories.

Over the years, we have worked for organisations as diverse as:

British Footwear Association
British Materials Handling Federation
British Pump Manufacturers Association
Construction Equipment Association
Manufacturing Technologies Association
National Access & Scaffolding Confederation
Stone Federation Great Britain

Because of IDEA's concentration on trade association communication, it is able to offer an effective service which is designed to fulfill the specific requirements of trade associations. IDEA will do everything from the initial conception, obtaining information from member companies, collating it and ensuring that it is presented in the terminology that is common usage within industry. These services are designed to complement those of a trade association; associations may pick what they require to be done and do themselves that which fits within their own organisation. Publications can be financed in a number of different ways and IDEA has considerable experience in such schemes.

Above all, IDEA publications are intended to be effective and user friendly, they can be multilingual and are designed with the requirements of the user in mind, not from the basis of using the latest tricks and gimmicks.

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