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Solutions in IT Ltd

Solutions in I.T. Limited
Harborough Innovation Centre
Wellington Way
Market Harborough
LE16 7WB

Tel: 0845 009 4588
Fax: 0845 009 4599
Email: info@solutionsinit.com
Website: http://www.emirsoftware.com


EMIR is an acronym of Electro-Mechanical Information Resource.   It began life in 1994, when the business was commissioned to create a solution to manage the processes of a repair and service company.  Today, in it’s 25th year, EMIR is used by over 2,000 users who span the electro-mechanical industry working with pumps, electric motors & drives, generators, compressors, hydraulic systems and all of their associated electronics and control systems.  

•    EMIR is a business software application that facilitates the smooth running of a business in the
       electro-mechanical sector.
•    EMIR requires little in the way of bespoke modification to provide a fully integrated solution.
•    It is a single software product that can handle the diversity of a manufacturing, service & repair, stock
       management and order processing business without duplication of process and excessive paperwork.
•    EMIR is an ideal replacement product for clients with existing multi-part systems or where in-house
       business software may require substantial investment to offer the functionality needed to grow and
       be more efficient.

All the members of a workforce create information in their daily working lives and EMIR establishes a connection between this data and the others in the business who would rely on its accuracy and timely capture.  From office workers processing jobs, shop floor and remote engineers working to deadline, stores managers reporting on requirement, to purchase managers controlling high value stock and to the management team making decisions that affect the direction of the business, all needs are taken care of.

EMIR is an industry specific solution that speaks your language!

Pick up a brochure – www.emirsoftware.com/downloads (Full Product Brochure)
Request a demonstration – simply email sales@solutionsinit.com


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