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REF:2806 Senior Process Engineer

Mohammad Salman
Senior Process Engineer (Chartered Engineer)

MSc Chemical Engg / BSc Chemical Engg / MIChemE UK


Process Equipment Sizing:
PSV / Relief Valve Sizing, Pipeline Sizing, 2 & 3 Phase Separator, Pump Sizing, Control Valve, etc.

Process Design/Operation:
Amine Sweetening Process (AGRU), TEG Dehydration Process, Mol Sieve Dehydration, Sulfur Recovery (Claus Process), Tail Gas Treatment, Flare System, Gas Wellhead Prod. Sour Gas Offshore Operation, Gas/Oil/Water Separation, Pipeline Hydrate Formation Inhibition

Documents Generation:
FEED: P&ID, PFD, Process Description, Equipment Datasheets, Heat & Material Balance,
Hysys Simulation, Operational Procedures, etc.

JUN 2013 TO MAR 2020

Company Name: SAUDI ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia. (Currently residing in UK,  willing to relocate anywhere).
Type of Business: 5500 MMSCFD natural sour gas production from several offshore & onshore fields to Amine Sweetening, TEG Dehydration, Sulphur Recovery, Tail Gas Treatments in gas plants.

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