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Parts Scanning and 3D Modelling Engineer 
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Position Description:

  • The role of Parts Scanning and 3D Modelling Engineer is to provide the support to sales to develop bookings for cast components, and provides the preliminary design for an appropriate technical solution. A specific knowledge of the service and solutions programs will be required.
  • He / She will proactively support assigned end user sales engineer in selling upgrades, retrofits and solutions. Main objective is to add technical value to any opportunity concerning customer installed base.
  • Interfacing with End User Sales, Service & Solutions Engineering and C.S.O.A., he / she will have to work-out the basic specification and scoping, and ensure it is aligned with Quick Response Centre’s.
  • Develop strong customer support through technology focus. Assist sales force through customer presentation promoting Flowserve Technology and application expertise
  • ·Provide support to Q.R.C.’s with scanning of components and development of solution to offer Component Technology Group & upgrades to cast components.
  • Build and execute tactical plans which support the growth of the Aberdeen Centre
  • Provide assistance in developing work-scope required to solve equipment problems through pump / system / operations modifications and upgrade and reverse engineering
  • Ensure the quotation management system VisionNet is updated with all the relevant information concerning the development of the opportunity and forecast estimates.
  • Ensure AMP once fully operational is utilized to input data and action close out for Engineering and C.S.O.A. support requests.
  • Report on a monthly basis the VisionNet backlog of Component Technology Group proposals versus the assigned plan for the specific region.
  • Manage all technical queries and be the customer’s trusted expert on pump problem investigations and solutions.
  • Pro-actively identify new and unsolicited business opportunities for Component Technology Group focusing particular on value based life-cycle-cost justified opportunities.
  • Turn business opportunities into profitable bookings through value added scoping and pricing. Collate and provide all site and customer details required to develop high quality technical proposals that add value to the customer and maximize the business opportunity for Flowserve.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor in Science or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent engineering degree
  • 5-years of pump design experience
  • Pro-active and opportunity driven personality which needs very limited managerial direction and sets and drives his own priorities and activities aligned to the Sub Regional business strategy and objective.
  • Strong analytical abilities accompanied with proficient understanding of pump design, analysis techniques and tools. An ability to read, create and modify engineering design documents.
  • Must have motivational skills and a high sense of urgency to recognize equipment / process opportunities. Prepare and defend the solution in front of customer.
  • Demonstrate a high level of business acumen and understanding including opportunity evaluation, technical selling capabilities, priority setting, sales processes and commercial aspects.
  • Interpersonal skills are critical for optimum communication with customers and internally working as a team. Strong confidence with both customers and Flowserve associates at all working levels.
  • Capable of providing all required digitized information for regional Component Technology Group (Desio) engineering / manufacturing location to allow them to produce the component parts for the Q.R.C. / End User.
  • Possess technical capability to operate the Laser scanning equipment (Faro Arm) with a high degree of proficiency and build 3D Models / Drawings.
  • Proficient language skills in English


Knowledge of all latest design upgrades as well as new pump design policy to be able to offer constructive suggestions to field problem solutions in accordance with design engineering policies.

For more information on this role send CV to s.smith@bpma.org.uk and we will forward this on for consideration Please remember to quote V1511


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