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My impressions of joining the pump world.

Here we hope to offer an insight into the various careers available to engineering students within the Pump Industry and to offer and insight into what that can involve.

Alex - Marketing Coordinator - Grundfos Pumps

My name is Alex Kreloff and I joined Grundfos Pumps Ltd at the beginning of January 2017. My role is Marketing Coordinator for Water Utilities and Industry. My career history has been a mixture of the software and domestic appliance industries so I am excited to learn about an industry of which I knew very little before joining Grundfos.

My impressions of joining Grundfos and being introduced to the world of the pump industry has been a very interesting and positive journey. I was certainly surprised by the amount of energy that pumps collectively use throughout the world and how engrained they are to almost every aspect of life. It makes perfect sense when some thought is put into how liquids of every type are transported across the world and inside buildings. I have a great interest in mechanical engineering and learning how and why products physically work so the highly technical nature of the business is a source of attraction for me.

I also found it interesting that there is a large disparity between the levels of pump technology between what is available and what companies are commonly using on a daily basis. A 20-year-old pump may be common place but when this is compared to other industries such as automotive and IT when assets are updated every few years it does seem odd. How many companies are using 20-year-old computers?!

This is surprising to me when the energy savings are so clear cut between the older technology and the current generation. The energy savings themselves often pay for the cost of the pump in a matter of years and are more reliable, consistent and deliver higher performance than ever before.

I am also very interested in the Internet of Things that is making its way into the lives of consumers and how smart pumps can link with this initiative. As consumers become more aware of the energy consumption within their homes and businesses then the focus may shift between low cost products to high efficiency ones. This is where I believe companies such as Grundfos can make great gains as energy prices continue to rise.

My reflections after 1 month in the role are that pumps are vital to many industries and the range of applications are extremely diverse. This makes the correct sizing and specification of the pump to the application crucial to ensure optimal pump performance.

My ambitions in the role of Marketing Coordinator are to build a comprehensive store of knowledge on the way Water Utilities and Industry currently use pumps and also to understand how this is changing.

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