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ACE Cranfield Ltd

1 Crane Way
MK43 0HW

Tel: 01234 751163
Fax: 07719 552241
Email: rhodesivor@gmail.com
Website: http://www.acecranfield.co.uk/

up to £1m

ACE is an association of professional consulting engineers specialising in the design, development and operation of fluid flow machines and related equipment. Our consultants offer a very broad range of services relevant to such machinery. Each consultant has over 30 years experience of the design, manufacture, development, testing and operation of compressors, pumps, and gearboxes. Their experience also includes drive systems, bearing and sealing systems. ACE members have given many in-house training courses and workshops; internationally recognised manufacturers and plant operators are clients. Listed below are some of the cost-effective services provided: -

  • Expert witness service in appropriate areas of expertise.
  • Forensic engineering failure investigations.
  • Site performance testing of pumps, blowers and compressors.
  • Energy and maintenance audits.
  • Troubleshooting of machinery performance problems.
  • Operation and control investigations for optimum energy efficiency.
  • Flow system design and analysis including transient flows.
  • Mechanical design of pumps, compressors, valves, gearboxes, transmissions and related systems.
  • Hydraulic design and performance prediction.
  • High speed rotating machinery design.
  • Design reviews/audits.
  • Design, manufacture and development of lubricating systems.
  • Prototype manufacture including rapid prototyping.
  • Component instrumentation and testing.
  • Bespoke tailored training courses on the above areas of expertise.

ACE Cranfield Ltd is the UK distributor for Robertson Technology's pump efficiency and flow measuring system.

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