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Flotronic Pumps Limited

Ricebridge Works
Brighton Road
West Sussex
RH17 5NA

Tel: 01444 881 871
Fax: 01444 881 860
Email: sales@flotronicpumps.co.uk
Website: http://www.flotronicpumps.co.uk

£1m - £5m
Trade Names:
CHEMFLO, One Nut, Slimline

Founded in 1981, UK-based Flotronic Pumps enjoys an international reputation for its unique ‘ONE-NUT’ air-operated double-diaphragm pump design which allows rapid disassembly for maintenance and parts replacement. The double-diaphragm design also provides compelling advantages over alternative pump types including ‘self-prime’, ‘dry-run’, 'dead-head’ and solids handling capabilities.

Flotronic’s success also comes from a willingness to be flexible and adaptable, qualities reflected in the company’s ability to accessorise and customise to a client’s precise specification. In fact, the Flotronic product range boasts as many as 60 million variations! There are also upgrades including leak protection, alarm systems, pulsation dampers, counter systems and two and four wheel support trolleys.

Flotronic has always been pioneering . The ‘H’ Series, ’E’ Series and the recently patented Minichem pumps are great examples of the company’s appetite for innovation in the face of new challenges

The Minichem is machined from one solid block of PTFE, a unique concept based on the ‘ONE-NUT’ air-operated double diaphragm design. A key benefit of the ‘ONE-BLOCK’ design is that it avoids the need for separate manifolds. This means no manifold seals and therefore no potential leak paths. The Minichem is ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical and similar industries, pilot plants (in sampling lines, for example) and as an emergency pump for hazardous chemical recovery.

Flotronic’s ‘H’ Series pumps are designed and manufactured to the specific license requirements of 3-A SSI, offering tremendous benefits for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and any environment or process where maintaining product integrity is paramount.

Versatility is key to Flotronic Pumps’ approach to design. The company’s products can be used in almost any application including pumping aggressive chemicals, transferring foodstuffs and providing constant liquid feeds. They are also able to transfer thin or viscous liquids including aggressive chemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, drinks, dyes, foodstuffs, paints, pharmaceuticals, solvents, slurry and water.

Compliance-mindful customers will be reassured to know that any pump in the Flotronic range can be made ATEX-compliant for use in atmospheric groups IIA and IIB and also to the more demanding requirements of IIC. Reassurance is also provided in the company’s ISO 9001 certification, recognition of Flotronic’s commitment to high quality process management.

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